Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Not Getting On

Certain people don't realise that they function as multipurpose units. One in particular is driver, strongman, escort, bodyguard, confidante, occasional cook, composer, entertainment provider, comfort provider, fixer of phones, occasional credit card, books and DVD library, music teacher, killer of boredom, jhamela sufferer and provider of many things that I cannot mention in public fora such as blogs. I'm told it's very difficult to find such multi dimensional MPUs. Most have very small processors and cannot carry out so many roles simultaneously.
I've mostly done without such an MPU until very recently. But the question is how does one get on without, now that I'm used to having one?


Nimo said...

Well one can't. But MPU's such as the one mentioned do provide long distance support. Although it isn't the same as having the MPU right at hand but one can get by I am told... :)

I so adore you :)

Double-Dolphin said...

Once you get used to it, it's difficult to get on without one.

ru said...

@nimo : **blush** :) me,cough,ahem, too

@DD i know!