Wednesday, May 31, 2006

winter is over. the grasshopper lives. and doesnt care that the ants will laugh all the way to the bank.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

bloody economists.
bloody bloody economics.

and poor poor me.

oh yes..and bloody internet guy.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

a week. a week. a week!!! one fucking week. and i am still here.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

i miss the rain. Or walking in the rain. Used to do a lot of that in college...And none of it was particlarly filmy..No umbrella that flies away. No flapping dupatta. No hapless guy who gets dragged into the rain.

In college , we'd take a walk in the rain with the specific intention of getting wet. The ones who didnt want to get wet, carried umbrellas. We didnt. And definitely not transparent ones.

And no flapping dupattas: getting wet in college involved a really sticky kurta and jeans that would weigh a tonne when wet.And dupattas, if at all present in the scene had this distinct tendency to not flap around. It would just cling unhappily, rather miffed at the prospect of of staying wet for long. Wonder how they did it in movies.

And the guys . Boring souls them.They'd rather be in the BCR and do boring guy things.

Of course there was this rather odd couple who would hold hands and take walks in the rain. Now they loked propah-ly filmy. awwwww young love i tell you.

And none of us looked anything like wet bollywood heroines. No wet sarees, for one. No waterproof mascara. No waterproof makeup of any sort i might add..Hair plastered and sticky and odd-looking. And wet clothes which make you look fatter... except Sonal who looked pretty despite. Dh though so too!(nudge, nudge . giggle, giggle) And those skinny hot women who always look hot, no matter what. (aaargh! yes their existence is and will forever be supremely irksome)But this post is not about them. So yes we'd settle for looking quite odd, rather smug in our rain soaked happiness.

Post getting wet session, we would cluster arond the union room fan.And consume copious quantities of steaming coffee.And get some kind soul to cigarrettes for us. Coz well we were sneezing a little and sort of shivery...and some one just had to take pity on us.

And after suitable amount of time was spent doing nothing, clothes would be dry and it wold be time to get back home.

i miss college going rain.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

There is an exhibitionistic streak in me, methinks.i like airing my daily trials, petty grievances, and imagined hurts up on blogosphere.its like an outlet. Have taken out frustrations through words and have thus healed...i can now go around the world and function like a sane person.

But sometimes, you realize that you may have revealed too much..which is generally when i go om my ohGodoGodohGodohGod what was i thinking(?) trip or the thats-not-my-blog-i-do-not-know-it-exists trip or maybe-i-should-delete-my-blog trip.(God there seems to be a lot of them!) Of course after a point of time it ceases to matter. Have aired my private humiliations on the blog and have made it public...but thats quite alright.

The reason why i write this is because i went through the latter sometime ago. hence the complete non-blogging. But i am back now. And shall endeavour to blog more often(although not too often. exams around the corner)

For now though...


Its over now. Their story that is. It just finished a few days ago. There might be an epilogue later. But not now. And if you liked the story and it touched you a little bit...Go ahead you are allowed a tiny sniffle, a little blotting of the corner of your eyes, a sheepish smile at your partner who smirks on seeing you do so.

Yes, its over for them now.Let them be. She wont be collecting compliments,or having secret conversations, or building stories in her head anymore. She will walk down the same city roads and wont have to try to not think of him anymore. the solitary cigarrete is comforting now, not lonely.

She is content. As she draws the cover tighter around her and watches the evening norwester lash at the sky...she knows she wishes him peace.