Tuesday, February 28, 2006


1)must read

2)should agree that i'm the best thing that happened to him.

3)should be reasonably attractive.

4)must be capable of conversation,and must listen to and tolerate incessant chattering!

5)should understand that i'm capable of murder when PMSing

6)must understand that i cry while watching movies .or reading books and must not laugh when i do so!

7)must make me laugh.Even when i'm ina bad mood

8)must be affectionate.should not be embarrased by PDA

i was tagged by Teleute,

Thursday, February 23, 2006

my jaws ache a lot these days.you see i have been smiling a lot.
life's pretty amusing,didnt you know?

Beauty makes my heart go tight.
It's the old Grecian Urn.
Got to break it,
To keep it
Out of
Everyone's sight.


Friday, February 10, 2006

i feel violent right now.but havent broken anything,or skewered people alive,havent set fire to the house...basically havent done anything violent.i believe,i have the patience of a saint.yes thank you.bless you for agreeing with me.

i could say that all men are jerks(but i wont).one in particular is a complete bastard and yet i have been (as i've said before) completely non violent.i am a saint.or a very very very very very very nice person.

or a total doormat.
think what you will.

i shall sing ...tra la la la la and pretend that the world is a merry place.
look at me smile right now.doesnt it just brighten up the world?

Sunday, February 05, 2006

not only am i (allegedly)insecure, i am also (again allegedly) insecure about being insecure...this bit of psycho-analysis comes from someone who's knowns me for three months. have had this adjective attributed to me far too many times this week.
clarification:people,i am not insecure.

yes , i occassionally wonder if my friends secretly hate me and am terrified at the prospect of dying alone,and i wish i were pretty and would love to be articulate..but puhleez for gods sake I AM NOT INSECURE.or lacking in confidence.nor do i suffer from low self esteem.
and if i am acting a little psychotic this week,blame it on the sun.leos are supposed to be emotional this week.(or was it last?)or ,the fact that three of my closest friends are far far far away.correction one of them just came back...which means,persons who form the very core of my suport system are missing...
so i'm a little (yes,just a little) dependent.
how does that make me insecure?

warning:do not,i repeat,do not ,if you care to go on living that is ,call me insecure!