Tuesday, December 16, 2008

So Sao, Debo and I were waiting for the metro back home. Sao was entertaining us with the traumatic experience that was reviewing Love Story when our metro rolled in. We headed for the empty seats in the ladies section and as we sat down we found that a group of young girls opposite us were staring with avid interest. Sao had to comment. "Girls check out girls more than girls check out boys...noticed?" she asked. I shrugged and pointed out that all of us do it. And pretty often.

We looked around. And honestly, there was not even one remotely attractive male in that compartment. So we switched to our standard bitching about how there are no men in Calcutta. "There are no guys worth checking out in Calcutta. So we stick to women," I laughed. Sao paused and thought for a while before relating, "Nah, there was this CITU bus that would go to Salt Lake that used to always be full of good-looking men." Apparently she and her family would take that bus while visiting relatives. "It used to be fun janish. It would take more than an hour to get there and we'd always spend a day there. It used to be like a trip," she reminisced.

"And?" I asked. She giggled," Sheyi bus tayi bondho hoye gelo (that bus stopped running)."

Hence, proved?

Monday, December 08, 2008

So now you know why I haven't gotten around to blogging. Look here.