Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Day Two in the Life and Times of a Trainee Reporter

Very productive day today. Reached place of work at 1 (as was asked to, by boss. Still don’t get concept but? Why 1? Why in this maddening heat would you ask people to leave their homes at 12 in the afternoon? ). Did not find boss in seat. And I had nothing to do. No stories that I could have work on. No previous day’s stories to file. No subbing guy’s head to chew on for screwing up previous day’s article. So twiddled thumbs. Got water. Visited loo. Got tea. Came back and peeped in boss’s cubicle. Boss was still not in her seat. Asked moderately approachable people if similar situations(of not having anything to do, not having access to comp so that you can pretend to do something, is something that happens to people). Said approachable people were obviously very sensible and did not deem question worthy of answer. Oh n did I mention? Every ones is always busy here. Even people who stop by other’s cubicles for a chat do this in a decidedly busy-I-have-work way. Which is why, not having anything to do becomes really really scary and stressful. Yes imagine that, a stressful day spent doing nothing.

Finally boss arrives and sends me to go hunt today’s newspapers n various magazines to get ideas for stories I could do. Three newspapers. All in Bengali. Ouch. After which photographer decides to take a picture of my eyes for random story on sleeplessness. Ok not so random then. Remember, story on insomnia. Weird looking eyes that are meant to look tired, with slightly misshapen eyebrows. Mine. After which I was made to call up all sorts of people related to a story idea. Said people were unfortunately were “unreachable” and were not around to answer my questions.

Oh yes and no cigarettes smoked. All smokers at work stand outside the office building and light up, n for now am just too scared to do so with them. What if they just turn around and scream “you new person, you, how dare you stand with us experienced journalists when you have not even covered/filed a story?” or you know give me one of those scary glowering looks.

Scary place this. HR people obviously do not know of a concept called induction. Which is why I walk around the whole blasted building like a very awed and fascinated looking tourist on a sight seeing trip.

So yes, very eventful and tiring day today. Yawn.

Update: pics of eyes did not come out today. gah. might on sunday. or maybe they 'll see what the eyebrow lady sees n reject it because of wierd looking eyebrows

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Sundays are my days for getting fed by people I think. Like last Sunday P cooked awesome lunch n all I did was sit around pretty n not lift finger. Today I landed at Soda’s place who also cooked me lunch n we gorged on all kinds of comfort food… which included everything from salami n chocolates to alu bhaja. And acquired new pair of really cool roman sandals type shoes… and ooh I love the way they look , except that I have no where to wear them to, no hot date where I can wear pretty shoes n show off nice pedicured feet. Sigh

So am no more sniffling to…

uff i really need to read less chick lit

Saturday, April 07, 2007

I feel stupid and contagious. sigh.