Wednesday, December 23, 2009

So I'm back from Goa, relaxed, de-stressed, and annoyingly chirpy...err ok so make that was annoyingly chirpy, since office always gets rid of the chirpy factor. Am back, from a holiday that I've been looking forward to for ages. And back with 39 pics and only three worth posting. The rest of the 36 are, well, bullshit. It looks like I have no sense of light, or composition and no control over my motor nerves.
Pictures taken by my friends of course, seem quite wonderful. Shuddho's in fact are really good, despite or perhaps because of the 15 minute wait that preceded almost each picture. Jitz went by instinct, not trying too hard but not as if she took no effort at all. Hers look like she took an actual interest, liked the person, and for a moment was detached enough to step out, take stock and take a picture with a discerning eye.
Even the waiters at Brittos fared better than I did with this (picture 2).
But oh me. Me... I was phenomenally bad. For evidence look to picture 1. That is one arm, one person, and another person's back. The person in the middle looking so unfortunately bad, is actually quite good looking. Why have my pictures been so disastrous?
Is it my cheap Polaroid camera? It can't be as picture 3 is taken on my camera by Shuddho. Is it really as simple as me not being creative enough (although someone else left the sentence at just 'creative'. But I refuse to believe that anyone can ever be described as not creative) .
I have since found an answer I can live with. I think my supreme ineptitude stemmed from being to conscious. Too conscious that this was the best time I've had in a long time. Too conscious that 7 mega pixels can perhaps capture the sight but not the sounds smells or just the comfort of belonging. That it can't record that giddy happy high. Or that slightly bittersweet feeling of not quite fitting in and yet knowing that it's just right. Maybe it came from a desperation, that I must take a picture so that I remember, but quickly, lest I miss out.

But miss out I didn't. Thank God. What I do is miss my friends.