Thursday, September 09, 2010

in the closet

My desk drawer is full of odds and ends. Press releases, CDs marked with illegible writings (used as on 27. 08, says one), a battery charger for one of the cameras, broken headphones and somewhere in the corner, a sachet of pot pourri. Somewhere under it the pack of ear-buds has burst. So along with the the crowd of antacids, paper, proofed printouts, and pens that don't write, the pink and white ear-buds have run all over my shelf like ants on spilt food. Every time I open it to hunt for something I need, they roll from one corner to the other as if scurrying away in fear. And the woody spicy smell of the pot pourri leaks out guiltily.


pj said...

i have never come acroos pink ear buds, let alone bursting, so that counts for one exciting drawer

ru said...

no? i shall get you a pack. or would u like orange ones?

pj said...

aah..u understand, i see :) us mallus, we like our oranges n fluorescent yellows better