Sunday, February 27, 2011

Dear Bombay

Dear Bombay,
It's been a year. This time today you were full of possibilities. You were my new life, my new career, you were my city of  dreams. This time tonight I had my first taste of a single girl's life...of mattresses on the floor, of a hurried Maggi for dinner before rushing out for a late night movie with the girls, of returning way way past my 'normal' deadline, the cackle of girls filling the night air, with a shiver in the dark and heady independence coating my tongue like last night's drinking. 
This time tomorrow I was looking forward to my new job, to my first train ride as a commuter, this time last year my three years of meagre savings were all I had to my name, and all I had to build a home, and get by before I got my salary. This time, today I was running on zero cash and full tank on dreams. 

This time today, right now, you're already my past. 
This time today you're my wan smile, my nostalgia, and my old pictures. This time today, you're no longer mine.