Friday, July 30, 2010

Where Are The Words

Growing up there were a lot of words. School was when I'd finish reams of notebooks, with imagined love stories (always about a 13 year old girl and an 16 year old boy) bad poetry and a lot of adolescent angsty journal entries. Come college, the angst diminished somewhat and in its place came imagined heartbreaks, one sided love and stories and more bad poetry. And now as the days go by I find myself more and more short of words. There's heartbreak and anger, stare out of the window wistfulness even fuzzy contentment, but no words. Earlier I'd tell myself I can't write when I'm happy.  But there's more to it, I think. I've taught myself how to state facts, or make idle speculation in sentences, but have forgotten to write what I feel. What happens to those feelings, I wonder. The ones who'd once be expressed in words and now remain lost somewhere in the consciousness ? What happens?


Acroyali said...

I'd like to think they're all living together in some corner of the world. Like all of our words, crowded in a huge megacity of unclaimed words.

Have been meaning to write something similar for so long now!!

Monidipa said...

Um. Then you became a journalist. :D

ru said...

@ acroyali: "a megacity of unclaimed words"-- what a pretty thought. write write!

@monidipa: yes, damn!